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  • Kelly - Kelly Mesh Head – Catwa – Kimberly BENTO!!! Skin Applier & Makeup – Amara Beauty – Kelly Fatpack NEW!!@Powder Pack Hair – Truth – HoneyAna Fatpack VIP Feb....
    7 hours ago
  • Aliferous - Hair: Blues @ Rewind: 90’s Throwback Khloe Ears & Tail: Aii – The Ugly and Beautiful @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Neko Neko Gacha Head: Catwa Catya 2.10 Be...
    1 day ago
  • Bottles Up - Lookbook Choppa Beard [prim] / Unorthodox Stubble Facial Hair OMEGA / Unorthodox Drake Eyebrows OMEGA FATPACK / Unorthodox Double-Ring Ball Cap “Black” ...
    2 days ago
  • Knit & Leather 3… - Hair : Lelutka Seiko Top : shi Couveture Drape Vest in White Skirt : Block C Pencil Skirt SHoes : Leverocci Leopard Booties in Albino Bracelets : Kunglers ...
    1 week ago
  • Refúgio Gifts - Até o dia 31de Dezembro haverá caixinhas de presentes na land Refúgio. Aproveitem a nova decoração natalina. Para pegar os presentes basta comprar a 0 lind...
    1 month ago
  • role play me - . *hair* Tableau Vivant *Keiran hair* for* We <3 rp** *NEW** eyes Adoness* : littus : silverly blue : * *skin* The Skinnery *Meysha - Bare face (mermaid)* ...
    2 years ago


Over the years, Second Life bloggers have seen a lot of feeds come and go.  On a regular basis, you will see feeds closing and the reason for it is insane database sizes that actually cost a lot of money.

Second Life bloggers are very prolific, however they forget that in order for us to host and Syndicate all of their blogs we do it at our own cost.  No amount of advertisement sales, generating a few lindens covers the actual cost of servers hosting.

As Feed owners, we do this out of love for SL Content Creation and as a way to support all the creative residents.  However, in order to protect Definite Second Life to end up with the same fate; decisions had to be made.

The main Definite Second Life site will host no more than 200 blogs with this priority given:

  1. Designers
  2. Events Blogs
  3. Male Blogs
  4. Female Blogs

If you are wondering why female blogs are at the bottom of the pile, well it is quite logical: There are hundreds if not thousands of them.  Some are of extremely high quality and some let us face it aren't.

However, it is unfair to not accommodate and attempt to syndicate everyone. For this reason, Revisited was created!

All blogger applications will be considered and will be placed in either the Main site or in Revisited depending on quality.  If you are unhappy with out final choice, we do apologise but I would suggest you consider being syndicated on Revisited vs. Not At All!

I hope you understand.